SPC (Metals) LLC is a specialist of can parts as described below.  All offered items are produced  by the best manufacturers in the industry. We welcome your requests for  quotation or information. Please see our Offices page.


EASY-OPEN TOPS   ( Tinplate and Aluminum )

Rounds :        Diam    59 mm (USA 207.5)

China (Mainland) Easy Open End (307#)

                     Diam    73 mm (USA 300)

                     Diam    83 mm (USA 307)

                     Diam    99 mm (USA 401)

                     Diam  127 mm (USA 502)

                     Diam  153 mm (USA 603)

Rectangular  and Ovals :

Please contact us for types and dimensions.

Varnish : Varnish for every application are available.


Our peel-off ends consist of a curled ring and an aluminum membrane. The membrane is automatically attached to the ring by means of heat sealing. They are offered in both 60 micron and 90 micron waffled membranes. The customer logo can be embossed for some minimum quantities.

                      Diam   73 mm (USA 300)

                      Diam   83 mm (USA 307)

                      Diam   99 mm (USA 401)

                      Diam 127 mm (USA 502)

                      Diam 153 mm (USA 603)


  • Regular Tops and bottoms
  • Steel Wire handles
  • Special tops
  • Metal twist-off lug caps
  • Other items…

SPC Metals LLC.

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